Team Coaching Certification Program

About the program

The team coaching certification program is for coaches, team leaders and HR professionals who want to add team coaching to their portfolio. The whole certification program contents three modules, the first one (Foundation Module) is a stand-alone course followed by comprehensive readings, mentoring and practice. 


In going through the Foundation Module, you will gain the confidence in cultivating long-term team coaching engagements, learn the basics of proven team coaching model (PERILL) that will enable you to create sustainable success, and shift organizations into a new era of value creation for all their stakeholders.

Eventually, teams who are guided under this coaching methodology will develop the capability to coach themselves.

* By attending the Foundation Module you will earn 20.5 CCEU from the International Coach Federation.



Professor David Clutterbuck

The last fully active survivor of the pioneers of coaching and mentoring. He has written or co-written more than 70 books.

He is a visiting professor to the coaching and mentoring faculties of Henley Business School, Oxford Brookes University, Sheffield Hallam University and York St John. 

He now works with an international network of mentor trainers, supporting organizations in developing capability in coaching and mentoring. 

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Vanya Koonce

She is a Head of Faculty for CoEvents, a serial entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate of implementing technological solutions for coaching. 

Since 2010, she's worked with dozens of international clients who operate in Nestle, Deloitte, Facebook, PepsiCo LATAM, Bayer, UCLA, and Slack.

A leader of the thought-provoking webinar on Coaching and Technology and a final nominee for the Young Leader Award in ICF 2018.

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Foundation Module Schedule


Session 1

Thursday 25th February 9am-12pm PTS

                                       5pm-8pm GMT


Session 2

Thursday 4th March 9am - 12pm PTS

                                 5pm - 8pm GMT

  • Introduction to the concept: a historical and theoretical perspective

  • The purpose of team coaching

  • How teams evolve

  • Models of team learning

  • What helps and hinders team efficacy? The leader-follower relationship

  • What do we mean by high performing team

  • Differences between individual coaching and team coaching. Identifying team strengths and weaknesses

  • Key steps in the team coaching process – contracting, scoping, developing the team’s capacity to coach itself

Techniques & Approaches

Session 1

Thursday 11th March 9am-12pm PTS

                                   5pm-8pm GMT


Session 2

Thursday 18th March 9am - 12pm PTS

                                   5pm - 8pm GMT

  •  Team coaching session dialogue: contracting, goal setting, defining the issue, context, redefinition, seeking individual and collective mind-shift, alternative ways forward, decisions, & re-contracting​

  • Competencies of a team coach​

  • Behaviors of teams and team members. How to recognize and analyze team dysfunctions​

  • Principles of group dynamics​

  • Team identity​

  • Establishing and working with team purpose​

  • Techniques for managing team conflict​

  • Communication and networking

  • Techniques to clarify and build alignment with team goals​

  • Managing team motivation, temporal issues, & creativity 

Developing a Team Coaching Practice

Session 1

Thursday 25th March 9am-12pm PTS

                                       5pm-8pm GMT


Session 2

Thursday 1st April 9am - 12pm PTS

                              7pm - 9pm GMT**

  • Applying team coaching in your own team and your continuous development as a team coach


  • Raising the quality of team decision-making 


  • Improving team processes 


  • Aligning individual and collective development within a Team Development


  • Plan 


  • Ethical issues in team coaching 


  • Your personal development plan as a team coach