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Team Coaching Foundation Course in October 2020
Feb 24, 2021, 9:00 AM
Luxe City Center Hotel

All coaches benefit from supervision of their practice. It helps them work out how to deal with tricky situations, keeps them and their clients safe and increases their ability to reflect and learn from their experiences. Team coaching is an order of magnitude more complex and demanding than 1-2-1 coaching, so the value of supervision is also much greater. It helps the coach reflect upon:

  • What could I have done better?

  • What did I not notice that was important?

  • What new tools and techniques do I need to meet similar situations in future?

  • How can I grow in my role as a team coach?

Supervision is not coach-mentoring

Having a more experienced coach to guide you in developing your practice and your business is valuable. Supervision provides a much higher level of practice development that enables you to see the many systems at play for the client and in your relationship with the client. It leads to a much deeper level of self-enquiry, self-knowledge and reflection that underpins an aware coaching practice. And this in turn supports you in the transitions that lead to coaching mastery. This is, however, a journey without end – the most masterful coaches tend also to be those who value supervision most!

This may come as a surprise. Everything you know about leadership from the past 2 decades is now obsolete. That’s right. In this fast-changing world, the focus has shifted away from the individual leader towards collective teams.  

If you want to be among the first in the world to receive the GTCI Foundations of Team Coaching Certification, I invite you to join the exclusive inaugural graduating class. 

Learn more about the Team Coaching Gateway Certification here

Developed and taught by 2 of the world’s leading authorities in the field: Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck, you'll unlock a NEW paradigm of leadership and teamwork necessary to succeed in 2020 and beyond. 

By the end of this program, you’ll understand, with absolute clarity, how to utilize team coaching to fully optimize and mobilize teams. Understand how leaders can best operate within this new team-based model. Discover tools necessary to enable adaptation in your organization so it can meet the demands of a fast-changing world, and much more!

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