fifty shades of ethics

In recent years Ethics has become a trendy topic, mostly because of the mass publicity of unethical leadership behavior. If you take a moment to think about it, ethics show up everywhere. In the line at the supermarket when someone cuts in front of you to the more extreme examples of withdrawing life support. They show up in politics every day, in economics with big companies being sued for racial discrimination and sexual harassment, and the list doesn't stop here.


As coaches, we know every individual is unique, and his or her Right and Wrong is slightly one shade lighter or darker from our right and wrong. That makes for much grey. As practicing in the field of coaching, we hopefully spent years of exploring our own biases and ethical limitations. In this session, we will focus more on how we show up as ethical coaches in not so ethical scenarios. We will share some tools of how to draw healthy boundaries and protect our reputation as well as our clients.


Takeaways from this event include:


  • How to apply the ICF, AC, EMCC Code of Ethics in the context of gray ethical dilemmas? (Work with a case study)

  • Create a greater awareness of who is your client and confidentiality limitations. (Contracting)

  • Developing a robust ethical decision - making framework.

  • Build a strong supporting group to discuss future ethical challenges. (This one is priceless)


* We will be using “Points of YOU” coaching tool during the workshop


Earn CCE Units for this event!


Vanya Koonce


With more than 15 years of extensive education and experience in organizational psychology, human resources, adult development, and entrepreneurship, Vanya Koonce draws on a wide range of coaching skills and business acumen. For the past decade, she has worked with giants like Nestle as well as smaller start-ups and scale-ups. Also, dozens of international clients-including marketers, writers, fashion designers, performing artists, executives, and students at various stages of their careers. 


She says: "it's hard to pick a favorite." In general, she loves working with people and teams who are seeking tools to be more effective where they are, and at the same time, thrive for bigger and better.


Her interest in Ethics sparked in high school years during a Philosophy class. She double major Philosophy and Psychology in undergrad. Philosophy has been like a hobby since a few years ago when she encountered an ethical coaching dilemma. 

This was the time when she realized the coaching industry needs more education around this critical topic. 


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